June 2011

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Fathers’ Day, 2011


Millennium Falcon, for Fathers’ Day. Because Nothing's cooler than the Falcon, and nothing's cooler than dads. Sorry moms.

The Big Man

When Sasha was born, like a lot of kids, she had to under the blue lights for a bit. Totally normal. She also had trouble latching on, and needed some feeding from a syringe. Also not that far out there.

“Click the Yellow Dog...”

In her post “Aussie Rules”, Lessien becomes one of the few people to argue, in a positive rather than pejorative sense, that the iPad is a toy, by which she clarifies it “just works” without intimidating users with blue screens of death and what not.

I want to take a step back from the iPad as a singular product, and look at the whole touch interface that’s evolving rapidly from science fiction to almost toy. I’m no expert, but I’m interested in this because, as a former childrens’ “educational” game developer, and now parent, I have some direct experience with how children interact with digital interfaces.