July 2011

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I'm Losing My Edge

With apologies to James Murphy.

Yeah, I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge.
The kids are coming up from behind.
I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge to the kids from Twitter and from Google+.
But I was there.
I was there in 1968.
I was there at Doug Englebart's Mother of All Demos.
In San Francisco.
I'm losing my edge.
I'm losing my edge to the kids whose tweets I see when they get on the phones.
I'm losing my edge to the Internet seekers who can tell me every tweet of every good designer from early 2007 to late 2007.
I'm losing my edge.

Giant Swarm of Squid Surrounds Underwater Photographer

They were using me as a source of protection! Was this a good thing?

We’ll go out on a limb: no. It’s never a good thing to be surrounded by squid, are you mad? http://www.bluewaterjon.com/article/article12.html

Milkmaids quarreling

From the shore they will hear Milkmaids quarreling and cowbells a-clank, and dogs, and Babies old and new,— Hammers upon Nails, Wives upon Husbands, the ring of Pot-lids, the jingling of Draft-chains, a rifle-shot from a stretch of woods, lengthily crackling tree to tree and across the water…. An animal will come to a Headland, and stand, regarding them with narrowly set Eyes that glow a Moment. Its Face slowly turning as they pass. America.

— Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon

Happy Birthday, America.