September 2011

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Office 2007

Here I sit, sending myself mail; 
I pray you, Outlook, please don't fail;
You have no margin, your padding, weak;
I just want a border, am *I* the freak?…

The Real Test

But the realgreater1 test for RIM will come early next year, when the company launches the first of its brand new mobile devices powered by the QNX operating system. RIM will eventually move all its high-end devices to the new operating system, and much of the company’s future rests on whether its QNX phones can close the gap with the market leaders, Apple’s iPhone and a slew of phones powered by Google’s Android operating system.
— Omar Akkad, The Globe and Mail

I don't pretend to be a genius at marketing; I don't even pretend to be an "amateur". I remember a few things from Marketing 101 in the last year of design school, one of which was reiterated from first year Creative Process, second year Design Process, and frankly a whole undergrad degree in English Literature, and that is this: you may make it, but you don't control it. You make art, it goes out into the world, and people are free to interpret it as they wish. Your brand is not your logo, but a collection of beliefs, impressions, values, thoughts, and expectations around your logo, your product, your organization. You can't control what people think, now or in the future.


This is your first day of kindergarten, and I can't quite figure out how we got here. I can barely lift you now, but you used to weigh nothing, and I could rock you all night. You were lighter than some of the books I read, back when I still read.

This is the day we brought you home.

Day 3

A Brilliant Fucking Idea

Based on a Twitterlogue with mantia, I hereby present the ultimate Star Wars conundrum solution. For each of the four versions of the Original Trilogy (original releases, late 90s Special Edition, original DVD, and now BluRay), there should be a checklist with each alteration, and a price, and you could compile your own, customized version of each film to suit your exact tastes and political/aesthetic/cultural/parenting ideology.