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Fathers’ Day, 2011


Millennium Falcon, for Fathers’ Day. Because Nothing's cooler than the Falcon, and nothing's cooler than dads. Sorry moms.

The Big Man

When Sasha was born, like a lot of kids, she had to under the blue lights for a bit. Totally normal. She also had trouble latching on, and needed some feeding from a syringe. Also not that far out there.

“Click the Yellow Dog...”

In her post “Aussie Rules”, Lessien becomes one of the few people to argue, in a positive rather than pejorative sense, that the iPad is a toy, by which she clarifies it “just works” without intimidating users with blue screens of death and what not.

I want to take a step back from the iPad as a singular product, and look at the whole touch interface that’s evolving rapidly from science fiction to almost toy. I’m no expert, but I’m interested in this because, as a former childrens’ “educational” game developer, and now parent, I have some direct experience with how children interact with digital interfaces.

Wormy Dirt


Based on Cakespy's write of Sabrina's recipe, this was the alternate dessert for the kids on Mothers' Day.

Mother's Day


A lovely flower cake for all the moms.

Cookie Log


Donuts wrapped in cookie dough covered in chocolate with cookie code written on top. Definitely hard to erase from your cache.

Sasha's 3½ Birthday


Sasha's 3½ (and Elisa's 3_th) birthdays, but mostly just because.

Just Because Cake


Colours, colours, and more colours.

The Emperor, the Artist, and the Fish

The Emperor commanded the court Artist to draw him a fish. But, he commanded, it must capture the fish's life perfectly, render the essence of the fish so precisely as to be almost alive itself. The Artist went off, and set to work.

Some time passed, and the Emperor inquired after the Artist's progress. The Artist sent word to the Emperor that the work was proceeding as it should. The Emperor was mollified for the time being.

Poke them with a sharp stick

Or even a dull stick, it'll have the same effect.

Scientists discover how to make squids go completely berserk

A newfound chemical drives male squid berserk, and the molecule appears similar to ones seen in humans, scientists now say.

No kidding. csmonitor.com/Science/2011/0210/Scientists-discover-how-to-make-squids-go-completely-berserk


cakeopalypse.jpgOreo cookies? Check

Mini donuts? Check
Chopped up brownie? Check
Reeces peanut butter cups? Check
Cupcakes? Check
All mixed up and baked together? Madness ensues.
This one's probably going to take a week or two to work through, and sadly Marcus was sick.

Noah's 5th Birthday


Is it a lizard? A monster? A dinosaur?

Noah’s 5th Birthday (Daycare Edition)


The thought of 22 little kids running around with neon blue tongues is endlessly appealing....