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Drunken Penguin Cake


Do your penguins drain your liquor cabinet too?

Noah’s Favourite Soup

Tomato Lime Sopa

This recipe is adapted from several sources, and is, let’s face it, completely inauthentic, excepting that it’s authentically awfully darned good on a cold day. And the kids like it. Besides, isn’t authenticity overrated anyways? Consider it postmodern, if that helps. Better yet, just enjoy, and have a shot of tequila.

Daddy-O’s Birthday


Gotta work on my icing techniques (and ears). Negotiations for the leftover's focused on whether two eyes equaled one eye and an ear (they are).

“Dodge”, or, you know, “attack from behind”....

A British photographer captured a particular type of squid which use jet propulsion to leap out of the sea and fly up to 65ft.

The squid actually fly looking backwards, with their tentacles dangling behind them and fins acting like wings, keeping them balanced in the air.

Spoiler: FACT

Fact or Fiction: Can a Squid Fly Out of the Water?

To escape predators in the ocean, these cephalopods will speed away by shooting a jet of water. But can squid use that behavior to take to the air and control their trajectories?

Marine biologist Silvia Maciá was boating on the north coast of Jamaica in the summer of 2001 when she noticed something soar out of the sea.... It was a squid—and it was flying.

Sasha’s Actual 3rd Birthday


On Sasha’s actual birthday, Mom was sick, so I took an unexpected day off...

Yaseen’s Birthday

No picture for this one, but it looked fine, just a regular chocolate cake. Except....

Hamburger Cake


Yet another office treat, the Hamburger Cake. Made the "french fries" out of cookie dough earlier, and made two round cakes, one chocolate and one plain, then sliced them up and iced them.

The answers are actually quite straightforward....

Truck Carrying Squid Crashes In Broccoli Field

GREENFIELD, Calif. -- A big rig carrying 15,000 pounds of squid turned over in a field of broccoli early Tuesday after crashing into a ditch outside Greenfield.

It is unclear where the truck carrying the squid was coming from or headed.... It is unclear what caused the crash.

But here are the critical things that aren’t clear:



Goin’ all the way down.....http://lostworldsfairs.com/atlantis/

“The squid can reach frightening sizes”

My Dear Sir: — The following account of a remarkable marine monster, which made its appearance off the shores of this island, and of a severed arm or tentacle of the same, now in my possession, will I dare say be interesting to you, and also to Prof. Agassiz, to whom I should like to offer it.

Rest well, Paul, you’ve earned it

Paul, the octopus who became a pop culture sensation by correctly predicting the outcome of as many World Cup matches as he has legs — all seven of Germany's games plus the Spain-Netherlands final — is going to retire.

The intuitive invertebrate will "step back from the official oracle business," Tanja Munzig, a spokeswoman for the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, told AP Television News.

Squid gets Canada Post's stamp of approval

I know I will be buying a lifetime supply, and ration them out for years to come:

A famous Newfoundland sea monster will soon occupy a space normally reserved for Canada's Queen.

Glover's Harbour's giant roadside squid statue has been chosen to appear on a new Canadian stamp.

"For a little town of Glover's Harbour to be picked? Shocking," said resident Cathy Haggett.

[UPDATED] Soothsayer octopus: Spain to beat Germany in World Cup semifinal

German football fans should brace themselves for disappointment in Wednesday's World Cup semifinal against Spain, according to the latest prediction of an octopus with a knack for picking winners.

Paul the octopus, a psychic cephalopod at Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany, has become a World Cup phenomenon after correctly predicting the victors in all five of Germany's matches so far. Tuesday's ceremony was carried live on German television.