For Fuck’s Sake, It’s Cake!

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Hamburger Cake, 2012 Edition

Couldn't find the orange fondant for the cheese, but hey, gotta leave something for the Mark III.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Fuck it, made all the fancy colours, but not chocolate, and then no one bothered to eat them. So, chocolate or nothing from here on out!

Treasure Chest, 2012 Edition

Perhaps a failure, ultimately, for not having the structural support of the first version, nor the brown woodgrain icing. The abundance of candy seemed to make up for that with its audience…

Noah’s 6th Birthday


How the heck is Daddy s’posed to make a Space Shuttle out of cake? Sometimes you just gotta ask for help…



Octopod cake, for no other reason than I thought it would be a challenge.

Fathers’ Day, 2011


Millennium Falcon, for Fathers’ Day. Because Nothing's cooler than the Falcon, and nothing's cooler than dads. Sorry moms.

Wormy Dirt


Based on Cakespy's write of Sabrina's recipe, this was the alternate dessert for the kids on Mothers' Day.

Mother's Day


A lovely flower cake for all the moms.

Cookie Log


Donuts wrapped in cookie dough covered in chocolate with cookie code written on top. Definitely hard to erase from your cache.