For Fuck’s Sake, It’s Cake!

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Sasha's 3½ Birthday


Sasha's 3½ (and Elisa's 3_th) birthdays, but mostly just because.


cakeopalypse.jpgOreo cookies? Check

Mini donuts? Check
Chopped up brownie? Check
Reeces peanut butter cups? Check
Cupcakes? Check
All mixed up and baked together? Madness ensues.
This one's probably going to take a week or two to work through, and sadly Marcus was sick.

Noah’s 5th Birthday (Daycare Edition)


The thought of 22 little kids running around with neon blue tongues is endlessly appealing....

Drunken Penguin Cake


Do your penguins drain your liquor cabinet too?

Daddy-O’s Birthday


Gotta work on my icing techniques (and ears). Negotiations for the leftover's focused on whether two eyes equaled one eye and an ear (they are).

Sasha’s Actual 3rd Birthday


On Sasha’s actual birthday, Mom was sick, so I took an unexpected day off...

Yaseen’s Birthday

No picture for this one, but it looked fine, just a regular chocolate cake. Except....

Hamburger Cake


Yet another office treat, the Hamburger Cake. Made the "french fries" out of cookie dough earlier, and made two round cakes, one chocolate and one plain, then sliced them up and iced them.

Fathers' Day 2010 (Party Version)


Better in concept than execution, the rocket ship cake got a little out of hand. Note to self: red whipping cream is really hard to make, it just turns salmon pink.

Fathers' Day 2010 (Daycare Version)


Made for Noah + Sasha's daycare party; everyone likes a snail, right? The face looked a little better until Sasha Lu, the family klutz, "smooshed" it and some hasty repair work was called for. Must remember to reserve some icing of each colour for just this kind of fix up....

St. Patrick's Day


My turn at the office for Treat Day fell on St. Paddy's Day, and I'd seen this recipe for a Doughnut Upside Down Cake, and really, when else are you going to get to use that, except for the office, where an extravagant disaster is almost expected?