Goodbye To All That: The Toy!

Another Fine Homemade Parachute Page, Crafted With Love

Educational Product, 1997

Starting with the song titles to one of the greatest conceptual phonograph recordings of the 20th century, this amusing yet structurally sound and morally instructive toy has been offered free of charge from Homemade Parachute for many years now. Some assembly required, though no actual talent is needed to complete the diorama.

Fresh off the drawing boards of the design team here at Homemade Parachute, here’s a toy guaranteed to keep all “imaginative” youngsters busy for hours on end. All that’s required is a sharp knife fo “cutting,” a dull blade for “scoring,” a small amount of white glue for “bonding,” and indefinite patience. Not nearly as hard as love, soon ambitious children tired of living with the big lie will be able to enact little dramas and stories that can be made again and again to provide hours of entertainment and keep idle hands of doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Brave young’uns will be attracted to the many varied and obvious anecdotes surrounding The Hollow Man and the Runaway, while others, drawn to tales of wealth, no doubt alone again in the lap of luxury, will be endlessly amused by the mythology surrounding the hero of this mini-opera, Benjamin Franklin, the very founder of the paper lies our theatrical presentation celebrates. The bridge to enlightenment and, dare we suggest, a “masonic” understanding of the universe, this great escape is sure to “educate” while it “amuses.” Buy two!

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